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Radio Coverage of SA Vaal Opening the Richards Bay

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Radio Interview About My Girl Select My Girl File in Jukebox


A few years ago I used to be involved with  sound recording, I meet some of the excellent artist that perform in Weymouth and Portland one of them is Ken Watkins.

Ken is well known musician here in Dorset

Ken has just released a great album of some of his live recording between 1988 and 1996 details of where you can get this quality selection of recordings click the link.

Click Here for Info on Ken 

I recorded many Bands one was called XS it featured Singer Song Writer Lesley Stewart. After travelling the world she recently came back to Weymouth.

She had this song that many of her Friends said she should record we took the chance to record a demo. It is just Lesley on the Guitar and Vocal it is a Xmas Song but we have added lovely images of the Dorset Coast so we can get it on You Tube enjoy