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So 2014 is here looking forward to a good year of Ship Spotting. Coast Line cruises that I work for are refitting Enchantress and the Historic My Girl hear my interview about My Girl on the audio section. The most ever Cruise Ships are heading to Portland Port so all looking very good for some great pictures. 

It has Been While

So White Motor Boats have started the season,  hopefully another year of Ships Watching.

You can buy my images on line from Photo Box and after a lot of request I am making some of the Images available on the net or when I can find an outlet sell them framed, mounted or just the prints.

The harbour in Weymouth is getting busy and we have already had some interesting visitors at the moment Lord Nelson is here and I am off to have a few beers with Dave the Ships Cook whom I worked with in the days of P&O.

Our passenger have enjoyed the site of a Dolphin in the bay see the Wildlife Gallery.

I am using Twitter for instant updates and they come up on this site as well   .

The latest Ships Monthly has two images of mine in also the echo has already printed two this year.

The lighthouse book on the home page has an image of mine of the Portland Breakwater light.

Of course the Olympics on coming soon and there are already a lot of big events planed  for this year.  

So thank you for looking at my site I hope you have enyoyed it.


March Spring

Ok so we hope the Spring is going to arrive soon, White Motor Boats My Girl and Enchantress have just finished their refit and both are looking really good . So Easter they will be running Portland Ferry and also Jurassic Cruises. The Weymouth Harbour has been quite though Pelican has been sort of an attraction as she was a long side all wunter.

A few ships have come and gone in Weymouth Bay though being winter I have had not   been able to take any image's this year will be Portland Port busiest  year for Cruise Ships see the list of calls I will put on my Cruise Ship Pages.

We are all looking forward to taking passenger again so if you fancy a boat trip this easter come down to Brewers Quay or check out White Motor Boats web page, a link can be found on the links page.  I believe that Pelican is operating sailing's from weymouth again this year.

So hope to see you on the Water.


Post Xmas and New Year

Well all back to normal after the Festive Season, We did our normal safety boat for the Weymouth Harbour Swim on Xmas Day it was   realy good weather,   see . Image of RFA ship published in Ships Monthly . Sailing Cottages have used images on their new site of   sailing boats on the Header of their Website. See links.

The Prison Ship has moved from Portland Port of to Africa I was hoping to get pictuers but there was a delay in her moving so it was not to be.  

So I hope to get some new coastal images over the next few weeks as the light will be very good. 


Sept/Oct 2009

Ok so the seasons a bit quieter so it is time to update the site. Sept was a good month with lost of visits from ships Weymouth Bay there was always a ships out there.

The Skandia Sail for gold and The windsurfing worlds were  two major events that tested out the NSA out. I am glad to report both events went well with some excellent sailing weather.

Ark Royal was in the bay allso HMS Albion was at Anchor in Portland Harbour. St Helena sailed on Friday after being in Portland Port for the the normall five day turn around before heading south with a Fire Engine on board from Doset Fire Brigade to the Island of St Helena.

So enjoy the new images on the site, over the next few weeks Iwill be posting more.

Bfn Paul  


News Flash

One of my Images is in the Ships Pictorial of  Ships Monthly Magazine August 2009 page 33 The image is of the Alexia carrying wind turbines   . Lamlash has been sold and gone to Holland see  the link Shipwreck project. The sea festival was really good this year esp the Seafood Fest. On the 02/08/2009 The Portisham came into Weymouth on route to Dublin this has created a lot of intrest Locally. This was a Ham Mineswepper named after the local Dorset village see the Histroic Ships Gallery. 

  From Ships Monthly August 2009


Summers here, we have been working out on the boats most days so I have just got around to updating the site. Weymouth and Portlands Spirit of the Sea is on the week 4th to the 12th of July and the Seafood Festival this comming weekend so lot going on. The SS Sheildhall is in Weymouth Harbour blowing her Steam Whistle and open to the Public. Weymouths  own Pelican is in port and also the Tall ship Earl of Pembroke she is running day sails   . This ship is used in the film and tv industry. The Cruise liner   Deutschland   paid a visit to Portland on the 1st of July see Cruise gallery. The National Squib Sailing event has been running from Weymouth Sailing Club and has made interesting passages in and out to Weymouth Harbour I am glad to say I managed  not to colide with any of the 120 boats . Stabilty test were   carried out on all the White Motor Boats Fleet, I thought my days with this sort of thing were over, but as with Ships like the Pride of Bilbao even small passenger boats are subject to these test. Very interesting as we went right into the hart of the old naval dockyard in Portland to cary out the tests. Glad to say all boats passed.   So if you come to Weymouth this month you will bound to see lots of interesting Ships and Boats.

Come to Brewers Key and take a trip with us or just say HI.

BFN Paul  


Up Date the sun is hot the boats are busy and we have had some interesting ships here   in Weymouth and Portland   check out the cruise gallery for the Seven Seas Voyager also some interesting Cargo Ships. Pelican has been out on days sails and over to Cherbourg and the Harbour has   been busy.

The Queen visited the National Sailing Academy and then Sailed from Portland to Weymouth an a very Large Sunseeker Boat we took passenger out to see here. The Weather was good I have posted a few images of the Sunseeker arriving at Weymouth


May Allready

I have  just added a new page to the site. Ships I have been on as a passenger or have worked on. 

Work on the boats has been picking up and  I have enyoyed being Skipper now I have passed my Boat Masters Exam. Pelican was out over last Weekend doing day sails theses were fully booked and so got some good shots of here out in the bay.

Last couple of days east winds here in Weymouth so have been updating the site.

I hope you enyoy the ships there has been some intresting Survey Vessels about check out my Links to go to The Ship Wreck Project   site realy intresting stuff .   


Post Easter

The weather   has finally broke so to day is updating the site with Images taken over the Easter period. We have had some interesting Ships in Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour.   HMS Daring   was at anchor in the bay with very modern lines. Portland Bunkers have been busy and  I notice Agean   X has gone and Sara reg in Malta has been carring out the Bunkers.

Fine weather over  the Easter period made for some good light for taking Photos. I have been busy studying for my Boatmaster Exam. I took  on Thursday and glad to say got through it.

Portland Castle has opened so the ferry service is now in full swing we also pull into the sailing academy this is interesting for the Passenger and everyone can see the progress with the new Marina.

So enjoy this set of images going on the site and please contact me if you have any feedback or questions.



The Weathers improving all the time White Motor Boats have been busy getting the boats ready for the summer inspected by the MCA and painted.

Trinty House Ship Patrica paid a visit to Weymoth Bay though she did not come alongside just tendered with one of her work boats. St Helena was our first cruise ship visit of 2009.   I went up to Portland and took some nice Images of her (see cruise ships)   at the time she was working stores. St Helena uses Portland Port twice a year for her turnaround ready to go back down to Capetown and   St Helena.  

The Boat that Rocked is released on the 1st April though they have had two Showings in Weymouth all ready, most of the   ship scenes were filmed in the waters off Portland and Weymouth.Go to my links I have put a link to the Films Website.

We start running passengers again from easter so hoping the weather stays fine.

I have just come back from London and of course had to do a trip on the Thames went up to the National Maritime Musem a real treat I might put some images of the Ships I saw later.   was listed in Ships on the web for Aprils issue of Ships Monthly  

Some new images have gone on the   site hope you like them.


How the weather has changed one week the most snow Weymouth and Portland has seen for many a year and

then this week (Half Term  ) we are taking passengers out on one hour cruises around Weymouth Bay yesterday

Tuesday we had on 8 on board.




Still slow in both Harbours though there was one of the Challenger Boat in yesterday number3. A Minesweper was doing tests at the buoys just of the Harbour to the delight of our passengers.

Last week when we were working with the Navy we got to fire of some flares all good fun. So thats all for this month I have posted some more images of Ships and of the coast. Please sent me some feedback if you have time using the contact page.




I hope you all had a good time over the festive season. Here things are a little quiet all though already there are signs that the new Holiday Season will soon be with us. Holiday business's have started hiring.

Apart from Family I have not been taking many photos, the weather has been really poor I am hoping we will have those really clear March and April days when the light is very good.

    I have been out working a couple off times allready this year first time it was so cold then last Thursday it was warmer but windy. Out in the Weymouth Bay there was about 4 large cargo ships at anchor awaiting instructions no doubt. Weymouth Harbour is quiet though Portland Port has a few ships in.

Anyhow not much to report will add a few more images this week also I will  remove the Christmas Harbour images and add a  new image to the Photo of the Week .

Bye for now  

Up date before the festive season

We have just returned   from Scotland where we attended a  great Wedding in a Castle just out side Aberdeen. So going to help with the boats to day was a little bit of a shock to the system. We moved the boats around and gave K Too a run out into Weymouth Bay into a stiff wind. (My Girl see the historic Ships Gallery) was moored at Brewers Quay ready to be dressed in Lights and a Christmas tree put on Board. If your down to   the quay later this week you will see her iluminated. Christmas Day Weymouth they  be having the swim across the Harbour this is normally a good way to get a bit of fresh air ready for Lunch.

We went for Lunch on Sunday at Stonehaven in Scotland, what a loverly Harbour. The Ship Inn (of course) supplied the family with a great lunch that included  fresh haddock and chips.  Though the waves were crashing over the Harbour Wall. Thats all for know the next stage for the website is to get some coastal images up there and more ships.


My First Post

Finally I have started on the Website just got a few things up and running soon to come will be More Ships photo's Cruise ship's Cargo ship's naval and Ferries that use Weymouth and Portland. The Gallery will also have coastal images, views of Portland and the harbour not forgetting Weymouth harbour.

I was out yesterday and took some good images of Condor 10 who is tied up in Weymouth Harbour. The Light has been very good over the last few days.

I hope to give a little info on each bloag what has been going onin the harbours.


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